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Radar Altimeter and Dual Band Ads-B Solution Propels TEMSCO Helicopters into Safety Leader

Helicopter flying through mountain range

Organization: TEMSCO Helicopters
Industry: Tourism
Location: Alaska, USA
Web URL:


In 1958, Alaskan aviation pioneer Ken Eichner founded Timber, Exploration, Mining, Survey, and Cargo Operations, or TEMSCO. Eichner founded TEMSCO in Ketchikan, Alaska after recognizing the necessity of helicopters for the rugged and remote landscape of this mountainous region. 

Operating for over 60 years in these difficult terrains and valuing the safety of their pilots and passengers, TEMSCO Helicopters embraces technologies that support its goal of meeting and exceeding the safety requirements of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). As a leader in safety, TEMSCO effectively serves the tourism, air medical, and aerial firefighting industries.

“We not only train our pilots under the highest standards but also provide them the industry leading and high-reliability equipment they need. FreeFlight Systems’ NextGen solutions have been proven for demanding real-world operational needs making them ideal for the regular expeditions TEMSCO pilots make into rigorous flying conditions. Their solutions have been instrumental in delivering the high standard of safety we aim for.”

Download the TEMSCO Case Study

Discover how FreeFlight Systems Improves Pilot Situational Awareness for TEMSCO Helicopters in the Rugged Alaskan Landscape.