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RJ2™ – NextGen 2 Channel SelCal Decoder

Ruggedized 2 channel ground-to-air selective calling decoder for military platforms. 


2 Channel Selective Calling Decoder for NextGen Military Applications

FreeFlight System’s RJ2 Selective Calling Decoder has external thumbwheel coding, no wire jumpers or remote switches and only takes about ten seconds to set. With a ruggedized, solid-state environment, the RJ2 will provide true performance and reliability in the most challenging environments. 


Ruggedized for Military Use

The RJ2 decoder system was engineered to ensure high-performance and reliability in the most challenging environments.

Small, Lightweight, & Low-Power

Lightweight, small, and easy to
install using its standard MIL type D connectors with insertable/removable pins.

Solid-state Circuitry

Its solid-state circuitry uses state-of-the-art switched capacitor filters with high
inherent stability – no resonant reeds or active filters to drift.

No False Alerts to Unselected Signals

The high performance decoder circuit decodes at low S/N ratios without providing false alerts to unselected signals.

Handles Inputs Without Adjustment

Handles a wide range of input signal levels without adjustment.


The RJ2 system is TSO-certified to TSO-C59 and is approved to DO-160A. 

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