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FreeFlight Systems’ Dual Band ADS-B In Datalink to Receive STC for Cessna Citation 650


Las Vegas, NV, October 12, 2021 – FreeFlight Systems, a NextGen aviation leader specializing in the design, development, and manufacture of high-reliability avionics, today announced a strategic partnership with Peregrine Avionics to develop a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for the popular Dual Band ADS-B In Datalink Transceiver for installation onboard Cessna Citation 650 business jets.

Scheduled for completion in Q1 of 2022, the AML-STC will provide Cessna 650 operators and other platforms with the ability to enhance their situational awareness by receiving Flight Information Services-Broadcast (FIS-B) and Traffic Information Services-Broadcast (TIS-B) data into the cockpit.  The STC will enable integration of the Dual Band ADS-B Data Link Transceiver with TCAS II systems such that existing TCAS indicators can display information that is more accurate. This update would eliminate the FIS-B only limitation for business jet operators and substantially improve cockpit situational awareness.

“Developing this STC with Peregrine is the first step towards an AML-STC that will ensure the Dual Band ADS-B In Datalink Transceiver becomes an accessible solution for all Part 25 aircraft,” mentions Shane LaPlante, Vice President, Sales and Marketing at FreeFlight Systems. “We are glad to have a wide network of partners that assist us in our mission to improve pilot situational awareness and ultimately, safety in flight.”

FreeFlight Systems’ strategic partnership with Peregrine will allow for an aggressive and expedited schedule for developing STCs and in turn, expedited schedules for business jet pilots to reap the safety benefits that stem from greater situational awareness and visibility.

“We look forward to continuing our partnership with FreeFlight Systems,” mentions David Rankin at Peregrine Avionics. “Our work will eventually lead to a complete AML-STC for the Dual Band ADS-B In Data Link solution for Part 25 aircraft, and we are excited to announce the program is on schedule in order to meet FreeFlight Systems sales requirements.”

For more information about FreeFlight Systems and its products and solutions, please contact or visit us from October 12th to 14th at NBAA-BACE 2021 alongside our sister companies SKYTRAC, Latitude Technologies, and Flight Data Systems at Booth 1317.

About Peregrine Avionics, LLC

Peregrine Avionics, LLC, is an aircraft engineering and certification firm located at Centennial Airport in Englewood, CO. Over its 10-year history Peregrine has obtained over 25 STCs and provided extensive design and analytical support for Parts 23, 25, 27 and 29 aircraft. It is currently awaiting approval of its application for Organization Designation Authorization. ACA cabin disinfection system STCs and STC installation data are available from Peregrine. Additional details can be found at

About FreeFlight Systems

As NextGen aviation leader, FreeFlight Systems designs and manufactures high-performance avionics for flight safety. These solutions deliver substantial safety and unmatched reliability that is critical for modern flight operations. Founded in 2011 and based in Texas, the company pioneered the first certified aviation WAAS/GSP receiver and their first rule-compliant UAT ADS-B system. FreeFlight Systems is now a global aerospace leader, specializing in SBAS/GNSS sensors, radar altimeters, flight management systems and other NextGen aerospace avionics. For more information, visit

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