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VMAT™ – Ground Vehicle ADS-B

Airborne ADS-B technology packaged into a robust solution perfect for airport ground vehicles.

VMAT 1.0 – Ground Vehicle ADS-B

Installed in Over 30 Airports with Fleet Sizes of 2,500+

FreeFlight’s VMAT 1.0 includes an ADS-B aviation-certified internal WAAS/GPS sensor that provides the ability to collect position, velocity, time, and other vehicle state information in real-time. The system transmits data from the airport ground vehicle to air traffic and ground control once per second, allowing a positive identification of the vehicle. 


Internally Stored Mapping

Utilizes an internally stored map of the airport control area with Multi-Polygon map storage (6,000 points max).

ASDE-X & MLAT Compatible 

Fully compatible with ASDE-X and multilateration (MLAT) systems for harmonic compatibility between the two systems.

Approved Equipment

Approved equipment listed under AC 150/5220-26

Eliminate FOD Risk

Hard mounted antenna set-up for significantly safer airport environment, eliminating FOD risk

Designed for Safety of Life

Designed and engineered for critical, safety of life applications (like runway incursion detection)

TSO Certified

Designed to meet TSO-C154c and TSO-145c standards and compliant to DO-160G


Integrating ADS-B equipment into ground vehicles can be a powerful safety enhancement for any airport to help reduce runway incursion risk. Runway incursions caused by ground vehicles can significantly damage equipment and impact arrival and departure efficiency, leading to substantial financial costs. Please submit your request below to receive information about the VMAT product and to learn how we can connect you with our integration partners. Submit your request below to receive the VMAT product information and learn how to connect you with our integration partners.