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Enabling Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) Capabilities for the USAF Pave Hawk

USAF Pave Hawk landing on dirt tarmac

Organization: Strategic Enterprise Solutions, Corp
Industry: Aerospace Technology Manufacturing
Location: Warner Robins, Georgia
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In 2018, SESC was awarded the modification program for the HH-60G, which included installing a certified ADS-B Out SBAS and GNSS sensor system to conform to NextGen mandates and to activate more advanced onboard IFF systems. To update this fleet, SESC investigated options that would provide a highly specialized, cost-effective solution for this elite helicopter that would support military safety and ensure security requirements. 


The solution for this elite aircraft had to be seamlessly configurable for all HH-60G onboard navigation systems. The ADS-B NextGen upgrade to this aircraft would enable modernized, high-performance SBAS with GNSS, with an ADS-B-Out system option, to allow operators to gain global positioning of the aircraft, and also allow advanced IFF and INS operation of onboard mission-critical data-based systems.

We felt very assured in choosing the 1203C solution, and the 1203C enabled us to provide the USAF fleet with a very solid GPS and WAAS sensor that required minimal retrofitting. The technology upgrade will now enable this fleet to operate throughout international civil and military airspace, seamlessly meeting all IFF and international ATC requirements

Download the SESC Case Study

Learn why SESC selected FreeFlight Systems’ 1203C SBAS/GNSS receiver for the UH-60 fleet upgrade program.