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Join FreeFlight at AEA Connect East

FreeFlight’s Brad Bruson will be in Daytona Beach, Florida, from September 14th to 15th for the AEA East Regional

Established in 1957, the Aircraft Electronics Association (AEA) is a prominent organization that serves as a representative body for nearly 1,300 member companies across over 40 countries. AEA’s group of member companies includes a diverse range of approved maintenance organizations. They specialize in maintaining, repairing, and installing aircraft electronics systems for general aviation aircraft.

In addition to being a representative body, AEA hosts their yearly conference, bringing together members to highlight technology, innovations, and issues within general and business aviation. Outside of that key event, AEA hosts regional gatherings where members are provided valuable technical training sessions offered by top avionics, instrument, and test equipment manufacturers. These two-day events serve as hubs for technicians and business owners to acquire industry best practices, fostering knowledge and skill development.

Attendees can also establish connections with regional sales and product support representatives, ensuring they stay updated with the latest industry offerings. Moreover, these events are crucial in helping technicians and business owners meet their training requirements, a critical aspect of maintaining high industry standards. The exhibit hall at the AEA Regionals showcases the latest cutting-edge products and services, offering attendees a firsthand look at advancements in aviation technology.

Participants receive vital updates on the ever-evolving regulatory landscape, ensuring they are well-informed about the most current regulations that impact their aviation businesses. In summary, the AEA Regionals are invaluable gatherings that empower aviation technology experts with knowledge, connections, and resources essential for their success in the field.

Connect with Brad

FreeFlight’s Director of Customer Support, Brad Brunson, will attend this event. If you wish to connect with him while he is there, we encourage you to fill out the form below to request a meeting, and he will schedule a meeting with you.

If you wish to attend the AEA East Regional, please visit to inquire about attendance.

We look forward to connecting in Daytona Beach.

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