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Deployable and comprehensive ground support equipment solutions for runway safety and fleet tracking.

years of experience providing FAA NextGen and situational awareness solutions.
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countries around the world are utilizing our solutions for situational awareness.
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aircraft are actively using our systems to enhance safety for cabin and crew.
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Why FreeFlight?

On the ground, FreeFlight Systems provides networkable systems for fleet and asset tracking with limited or no dependence on host-country ATC infrastructure. The systems include the capability to “beacon” fixed objects along with tracking of suitably equipped air and ground vehicles.

Robust ADS-B Solutions for Ground Vehicles

Airborne ADS-B technology packaged into a robust solution perfect for airport ground vehicles.

Ground ADS-B Solutions

Designed for airport ground vehicles operating in aircraft movement areas, our 978MHz Vehicle Movement Area Transponder (VMAT) ADS-B ground system provides position reporting that is accurate down to meters in real time, increasing safety in active movement areas. Today, FreeFlight Systems has the only system approved under these requirements, and has deployed systems at 30 airports with fleet sizes of 2,500+.

Airport Ground Vehicle


Integrating ADS-B equipment into ground vehicles can be a powerful safety enhancement for any airport to help reduce runway incursion risk. Runway incursions caused by ground vehicles can significantly damage equipment and impact arrival and departure efficiency, leading to substantial financial costs. Please submit your request below to receive information about the VMAT product and to learn how we can connect you with our integration partners. Submit your request below to receive the VMAT product information and learn how to connect you with our integration partners.