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Connect with FreeFlight Systems at the eVTOL Insights Montreal Conference & Awards Event

FreeFlight Systems is looking forward to the 2024 eVTOL Insights Montreal Conference & Awards, it is a significant event in the urban air mobility community.

eVTOL Insights is a reputable source of news, information, and analysis of the global electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft and urban air mobility markets. It holds three events and one industry conference annually worldwide; this is its debut in Canada being held May 1-3. Valued Urban Air Mobility community members can participate in this event by registering here.

 The event starts with a tour of several manufacturers in Montreal on May 1, followed by a pre-event networking session. The conference portion will take place on May 2 at Le Mount Stephen, a fantastic venue in downtown Montreal. 

 The agenda for the Montreal conference will feature live Q&As, fireside chats, interviews, and panel discussions led by key players in the industry, such as Montréal International, Jaunt Air Mobility Canada, Vertiko Mobility, Rolls-Royce, Boeing, Wisk, Transport Canada, ICAO, and many more. During the conference, participants will address critical questions and milestones that the industry is facing before Entry into Service, including integrating AAM into the broader infrastructure, operational considerations for eVTOL aircraft, certification and regulation, regional air mobility, realizing Canada’s potential for AAM in the global marketplace, how AAM networks fit into cities and regions, supply chain and manufacturing challenges, why Boeing has placed its bet on Advanced Air Mobility. 

 After a day filled with enriching discussions and insights, the evening will culminate with the prestigious global eVTOL Insights Awards, where the industry’s top achievers will be celebrated. The last day of the conference will host additional industry tours.

Safety assurance is critical for pilots, passengers, and the world as UAM/AAMs start taking flight and harmonizing into our daily lives. That is why FreeFlight Systems quickly invested in and upgraded our TERRAIN Series radar altimeters to provide the most sophisticated and accurate altitude measurements and surface topography profiling for UAM/ AAM and autonomous airplanes. With their 5G mitigation software, small size, low weight and power with integration ease, these radar altimeters meet the needs of the AAM industry. 

FreeFlight Systems’ ADS-B Data Link Dual Band Receiver and Transceiver provides a 360-degree visual of the surrounding aircraft’s position and flying path. The high-performance, low-weight system is an ideal solution for eVTOL platforms today and well into the future as the urban air mobility market grows.

Download the FreeFlight Systems UAM Safety and Data Solutions brochure Advanced Air Mobility & Urban Air Mobility now. 

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