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Archer Aviation Unveils Production eVTOL, Midnight, During Palo Alto Event

Industry-defining moments are exceptionally rare. During its open house event in Palo Alto on November 16th, Archer unveiled Midnight, a pilot-plus-four-passenger production eVTOL set to deliver optimized short-segment trips in densely populated areas. Midnight, capable of 100-mile range, will conduct short 20-mile back-to-back routes. These routes will be focused on airport to city center routes in and around urban environments upon initial launch. Midnight expects to be fully certified by the FAA in 2024, with passenger flights commencing 2025.

FreeFlight Systems’ President, Tony Rios, and Director of Business Development, Scott Warner, had the privilege of attending Midnight’s evening unveiling, which delivered an impressive look at the culmination of the company’s aspiration, passion, and dedication toward the future of flight.

Last week, Archer announced its first commercial electric air taxi route with United Airlines, signifying considerable buy-in from large industry players. The first route will take passengers to and from Newark Airport and a heliport in downtown Manhattan, a heavily congested route that will provide many advantages for passengers commuting through the region.

FreeFlight Systems is proud to be involved in transforming aerospace travel through urban air and advanced air mobility with its product portfolio of radar altimeters, navigation devices, and ADS-B solutions. It stands by all organizations committed to lasting change that will bring families closer to their loved ones, work commutes more productive, and recreational travel a little faster. Learn more about our product portfolio here.

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