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Advancing the UAV Industry: Sunflower Labs

FreeFlight’s team met with Zurich-based Sunflower Labs to discuss their next-generation autonomous solutions for remote security of large commercial, industrial, and residential properties.

The unique Sunflower Labs® Beehive System is a flexible drone-in-a-box solution that integrates with your existing security cameras and sensors. With rapid deployment capabilities, the Bee can take off in under 5 seconds. This means that the bee can proactively respond to activity on any part of a 4-acre property in under 30 seconds.

With implementations in airports, railways, and commercial facilities around the world, the unique solution is impacting multiple industries with its unique approach to security.

The Sunflower Labs team met with FreeFlight to discuss unique use cases for full spectrum navigation and safety technologies. A leader in 5G-tolerant radar altimeters, the first to certify a UAT ADS-B transponder, and known for its exception, low-power SBAS/GNSS avionics, the meeting was to discern other applications for these technologies – particularly in the cargo drone and midsize UAV space.

“Sunflower Labs has a truly remarkable product,” mentioned Behlul Poonawalla, VP of Product & Services, FreeFlight Systems. “It is always great to touch base with the next-generation of trend setters, and we learned a lot from the Sunflower team on how our products could be effective within their space.”

Freeflight’s team enjoyed getting an up close and personal look at Sunflower Labs’ UAVs.

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