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We design, manufacture and support ADS-B and other avionics solutions that deliver both affordable compliance with NextGen equipment requirements and the multiple operational benefits of flying in the NextGen airspace system.

We serve general aviation, military, public safety and commercial airline markets worldwide with a full line of ADS-B, precision GPS, navigation management, radar altimeter and other systems for airplanes and helicopters.

Our products are proven and trusted for:

Our certified avionics systems meet or exceed rigorous FAA, EASA CASA and U.S. and allied military standards. They are designed for and proven in some of the most demanding operating environments. Our products have been instrumental in the development and deployment of today’s ADS-B standards from participation in the watershed Capstone Project in Alaska through realization and verification of today’s production Surveillance and Broadcast System (SBS).

Based on our certified designs, our Experimental and Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) category products deliver maximum capability, compatibility and affordability for a wide range of aircraft and flight environments while offering a logical, cost-effective upgrade path to certified solutions.

We specialize in the retrofit of avionics systems for aircraft manufacturers (OEM) and aircraft owners. Our solutions are modular and can be configured to maximize use of the existing aircraft systems and to minimize changes to flight procedures and training.

Our commitment to open technology standards simplifies installation in aircraft systems ranging from older federated instruments to the most complex, highly integrated electronic flight decks. This also reduces installation costs and downtime, especially in commercial, public safety and military fleets where aircraft availability and utilization are vital.

Long-Term Value
We view avionics as investments that should pay immediate and lasting dividends. Our products and solutions are designed to offer the lowest possible cost of acquisition and installation as well as peak performance and reliability in real-world use over time. Some of our products are still in regular use after nearly 30 years in the field.

Our design, manufacturing, corporate and support facilities are located in America. Our dedication to long-term support includes product upgrade or replacement credit as technology and regulations evolve. This avoids the necessity of buying expensive replacements for functional but obsolete or discontinued products. We continue to support legacy products that we added to our portfolio after those products were abandoned by the original manufacturer.

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