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The Sky is Calling, Not Falling

A virtual trifecta of bad news in the past few weeks made it sound as if the ongoing rollout of ADS-B and the NextGen airspace system is in imminent peril. Stories warned of huge potential FAA budget cuts, delays in creating new terminal procedures and fears of malevolent hackers transmitting false data to the ATC network.


ADS-B(enefits): Goodness not Gadgets

The highlight of this year's Oshkosh show was a range of new affordable, subscription-free, in-cockpit ADS-B weather receivers. The new products (including our own XPLORER weather receiver) generated a lot of attention and raised the awareness of ADS-B among GA pilots.

Pilots liked the attractive prices, the potential cost-savings and the eye-catching displays. But their main focus was on the practical benefits of ADS-B safety and situational awareness tools, in this case the "free" in-cockpit weather (and traffic when aircraft are ADS-B Out equipped).


OSH-Obs: Quick Observations from Oshkosh

mzl.ngyddirlHere are a few quick observations after four busy and productive days at Oshkosh:

1) No longer just another acronym: Pilot knowledge and acceptance of ADS-B is alive, well and growing. In fact, we think that pilots are much more savvy about ADS-B than some vendors would have you believe. From hundreds of queries we've received at the show (and the perfect scores on our lighthearted ADS-B quiz), it is clear that pilots are thinking in detail about their equipment options. They're taking a logical and phased approach that recognizes that TSO'd and STC'd certified 978 MHz Out options are becoming available. Our product line is getting a LOT of serious interest precisely because of that level of pilot knowledge and sensibility.


The Capstone Orphans

There's an old adage that success has many fathers while failure is an orphan. But as the aircraft owners whose flying and feedback propelled the Capstone project in Alaska have discovered, success can create orphans in the avionics world.


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