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Getting Grounded

ADS-B is getting grounded.

Although "grounded" may have unfavorable connotations for aviators, in this case it's a very good thing for all pilots and for anyone who uses an airport. That's because the FAA recently started the rollout of ADS-B to track surface vehicle movements at airports around the country.


On Top Of Things Down Under

Most pilots in the U.S. are at least vaguely aware that the ADS-B rollout is a global one that's well underway. In fact, the U.S. Dec. 31, 2019 ABS-B equipment deadline occurs later than in other parts of the world.


Safety: Serious and Affordable or Just Cheap?

Pilots take two things very seriously about flying. The first (as it should be) is safety. We work hard to develop good skills and judgment without becoming either overconfident or overcautious. 


Rocks, Ice, Water, Clouds, and Airplanes

I returned a couple of weeks ago from a trip to Alaska. It was a business trip prompted by our continuing work (now well over a decade) in the Capstone Project. Alaska is not only an incredibly beautiful and wild part of the world, it's the birthplace of ADS-B and the NextGen airspace system.



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