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Compliance And Capability

Many pilots and aircraft owners seem to approach the question of ADS-B equipage along the lines of "what do I have to do?" We get that. After all, there are aircraft owners and more than a few pilots here at FreeFlight Systems. Understandably – probably from hearing the words "mandatory" and "deadline" a lot – all of us as pilots want to do what's required to comply with FAA requirements. But because we've been involved with ADS-B since its earliest days, we have developed a slightly broader perspective on equipping for ADS-B. You can call it, "compliance and capability."


True & Absolute: The New RADALT Rule

FAA LogoThe FAA's new Final Rule radar altimeter (aka, radio altimeter or RADALT) and other requirements for Part 135 and Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) operators deservedly garnered a lot of attention when they were issued just before this year's Heli-Expo show in February.

The fact that the new Final Rule was released wasn't really a surprise as the FAA and NTSB have been scrutinizing rotorcraft safety in general and HEMS in particular for over a decade (the period between 2003 and 2008 was especially tough with 21 fatalities in 5 air ambulance crashes in 2008 alone). There has also been a lengthy comment period for the industry to weigh in.


Capstone Update Program PIREPS – An Intro

FAA LogoYou may recall that the FAA last year selected us to supply the ADS-B systems for the Capstone upgrade program in Alaska. The program fulfills an FAA commitment to aircraft owners who installed the earlier Version 1 ADS-B avionics. The FAA agreed to fund the installation of those earlier systems and their eventual replacements in exchange for feedback from the participating pilots. That feedback helped define the Version 2 “Final Rule” ADS-B specs now in effect.


Keep Your Transponder, Add ADS-B

Aircraft owners ask us a lot of questions when they're considering how to upgrade their avionics for ADS-B. But there's one question asked most frequently by pilots who fly below FL180:
"Do I have to replace my transponder?"

Our usual answer is, "No," or sometimes just, "Why?"


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