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FreeFlight Systems Increases RA-4000 Radar Altimeter Certifications With Addition of Eurocopter EC120

Heli Air Monaco Adds EC120 to AS350, AS355 and EC130 Model Certifications Also Received This Year

Waco, Texas, October 11, 2012 -­‐-­‐ FreeFlight Systems, a leading NextGen avionics supplier, announced today that Heli Air Monaco has received European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) certification for the RA-­‐4000 Radar Altimeter installed in Eurocopter EC120 helicopters, adding to similar certifications for AS350, AS355 and EC130 helicopters received earlier this year.

The certifications extend the use of FreeFlight Systems best-­‐selling, lightest-­‐weight and lowest-­‐cost radar altimeters to the majority of Heli Air Monaco’s fleet of 14 helicopters. The growing number of EASA certifications also highlights FreeFlight Systems’ leadership position in Europe and in other markets worldwide among commercial, military, law enforcement and private helicopter operators. The company has shipped more than 2,200 radar altimeter systems, many of which are still in active service over decades of regular use.

Heli Air Monaco offers 48 scheduled daily flights to Nice, as well as popular resort travel packages, on-­‐demand and sightseeing flights and “Check and Fly” luggage service serving a variety of destinations. Heli Air Monaco is an authorized service center for Eurocopter helicopters. Its maintenance and avionics staff include the EASA Part 21J and Part 145 Monégasque Head of Design Organization for monitoring regulatory compliance.

Part of FreeFlight Systems’ family of radar altimeter systems, the RA-­‐4000 is ideal for helicopter operations where accuracy is needed to zero feet. With the easy-­‐to-­‐read RAD-­‐ 40 panel-­‐mount LED display, pilot-­‐selectable decision height and 5 altitude alerts, the RA-­‐4000 fulfills the EASA requirement (JAR-­‐OPS 3.660) for use in overwater, low-­‐ visibility or nighttime helicopter flights. Options include the FTG-­‐410 Tone Generator for audio alerting of altitude and other conditions, and a night vision goggle (NVG) compatible display. The system includes dual antennas and is certified to TSO-­‐C87 and ETSO-­‐2C87.

“Heli Air Monaco’s excellent and timely certification work has made it possible for the majority of Eurocopter operators in Europe to add a proven, certified safety system to their aircraft,” said Tim Taylor, CEO of FreeFlight Systems. “They are a highly valued partner as we continue to expand our presence throughout Europe.”

“As FreeFlight Systems knows through its own certification work on other aircraft, their systems are designed for straightforward installation and ready integration with existing systems,” said Didier Blengino, Avionics Manager and Head of Design at Heli Air Monaco. “The ability to certify and install the RA-­‐4000 in our helicopters in such an efficient manner gives our flight crews another important safety tool and helps us deliver the highest quality service to our customers.”

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FreeFlight Systems designs and manufactures high-­‐performance avionics systems that deliver substantial safety, cost, environmental and other benefits from the NextGen airspace transformation. Founded in 2001 and based in Texas, the company pioneered the first certified WAAS GPS receiver and today produces a range of high-­‐quality, American-­‐made, competitively priced ADS-­‐B systems for installation in all aircraft types. For more information, please visit www.freeflightsystems.com.

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