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FreeFlight Systems 1203C WAAS GPS/SBAS Certified in Embraer 135/145 ADS-B Out Solution

FAA Supplemental Type Certificate Includes 1203C as Approved Position Source Integrated with Honeywell Transponder In ADS-B Out Installation

Waco, Texas, July 28, 2014 -- FreeFlight Systems announced today that New United Goderich, Inc., of Huron Park, Ontario, has received FAA Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) approval for an ADS-B Out solution in Embraer 135LR and 145LR aircraft integrating the FreeFlight Systems 1203C GPS/SBAS system.


The 1203C becomes the certified position source integrated with the Honeywell RCZS 854M transponder in a fully compliant 1090ES ADS-B Out system. The STC installation kit is available from New United Goderich (www.newunitedgoderich.com), which also plans to expand the STC to include Embraer Legacy models.

As an affordable, easily installed position source approved for all ICAO jurisdictions, the integrated 15-channel 1203C GPS/SBAS sensor is part of a fully rule-compliant and highly cost-effective ADS-B Out system. The 1203C integrates readily with either a compatible DO-260A or DO-260B certified Mode S transponder and other existing avionics, requires no cockpit controls and is available with a wide variety of antenna options. It also can serve as the approved position and timing source for CPDLC, TAWS/FMS and RNP 0.3 installations. The 1203C is available with an optional FIS-B ADS-B In weather data receiver as the FreeFlight Systems RANGR RX-P25 system, which is in certification for Part 25 aircraft in the U.S.

About 1,000 variants of the Embraer 135/145 are in active service at regional carriers and in corporate and government operators worldwide. Mandatory ADS-B Out equipage is in effect or is scheduled in most jurisdictions globally, including in the U.S. by Jan. 1, 2020.

“The low-cost, proven performance and straightforward installation of the 1203C makes it an excellent GPS/SBAS sensor for the Embraer 135 and 145 aircraft,” said Kimberly Kohnert, Vice President of Sales at New United Goderich. “Operators of these widely used aircraft now have an ADS-B Out solution that can be readily deployed across their fleets.”

“New United Goderich has brought to regional carriers an ADS-B retrofit that is a very compelling solution to meet NextGen requirements in jurisdictions worldwide,” said Tim Taylor, CEO of FreeFlight Systems. “The 1203C increasingly is being selected for transport category aircraft as a key system sensor that delivers regulatory compliance while adding capability and operational flexibility.”


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